Percolated Coffee and Assorted Teas

$3.00 + GST per serve

Please see below general guidelines when ordering percolated coffee and tea:

* Disposable cups, stirrers, sugar sachets and full cream milk is included.

* In most cases and wherever possible, portable air-pods are used however in cases where the air-pods are not available or for large events, urns will be used instead (this could change at any time however we will confirm as soon as possible).

* When urns are to be used a minimum of 1 hour set up time is required, to allow the hot water and coffee to heat up in time prior to your start time. Please also note that when urns are to be used, 2 seperate powerpoints are required and no double adapters are to be used.

* When air-pods are to be used we will generally deliver 30 mins prior to your start time unless arranged otherwise.


Add-ons total: